Cremation Services

 The cremation of a pet is a traditional and respectful method of reducing your loved one’s remains. Your pet is laid to rest on a hearth in our crematory chamber and exposed to high temperatures that quickly reduce the matter into ashes. Such ashes are gathered and placed in a temporary urn. You may choose to scatter the ashes in your pet’s favorite spot or cherish them as a keepsake in your home. 


 Private cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s remains as a permanent keepsake. Each pet will be individually cremated. Prior to the process a permanent identification tag is issued to each pet and a small hair clipping is obtained. The ashes are returned in a simple and elegant urn along with the aforementioned identification tag, a hair clipping, and a cremation certificate. 


In a communal cremation, your pet is placed into the crematory together with other pets. When the process is complete, the remains are scattered among the cemetery grounds. No ashes are returned.

Pre-Need Cremation Plan

Contact us to discuss arrangement details beforehand to ease the burden after your pet passes.