Frequently Asked Questions

My pet has passed, what do I do?

Call our office. We will discuss all possible aftercare options. If your pet has passed away at home, we can arrange for pick up or you can schedule a drop off. 

If your pet passed away at your veterinary clinic, you can tell them you want to use our services.

If your clinic is not currently a partner with us, please contact us directly for verification and we will take care of further arrangement details with your veterinarian.

If your clinic is one of our clients, there is no need to contact us. We are at each of our clinics multiple times per week. They will notify us about your pet and your final arrangement wishes. 

It's after business hours, what do I do?

Call our office. Due to the nature of our services, we do continue to answer the phone after hours and on weekends. In an emergency, please contact the owner directly. 

Michaela Blanton 812-416-0371

Prices aren't listed online, what do you charge?

Our charges are based upon the pet's weight and your chosen method of burial or cremation. Because we offer many options, prices are not listed. Please call to inquire specific pricing.